Woven Elastic – Flat Elastic

Types of woven elastic – flat elastic

Nowadays, on the market, there are many different types of woven elastic. Depending on the needs of customers, each type will have its own characteristics and sizes.

The types of flat elastic that Toan Thinh currently provide include:

Name of products



Others name

Woven elastic No.14


1/2 inch

Polyester yarn + natural rubber thread (Dakruthread, Sado Thread)

– Woven elastic

– Flat elastic

– Elastic braid

Woven elastic No.12


3/8 inch

Woven elastic No.10


5/16 inch

Woven elastic No.8


Woven elastic No.6


Woven elastic No.4


1/8 inch

Woven elastic No.4 – 4mm


1/6 inch

Woven elastic No.8 – 6mm


1/4  inch

Woven elastic No.6 – 6mm


1/4  inch

Woven elastic (flat elastic) is one of the flagship products of the elastic weaving industry due to its long-standing appearance and wide popularity. Toan Thinh – the leading distributor of woven elastics in the Vietnam market – will share not only the characteristics but also applications of this elastic so that customers can make the right choice for their products.

What is woven elastic?

Known by many names such as flat elastic and woven elastic, but the woven elastic is a word often mentioned in the textile sector. The reason is the shape of the mills is like a shuttle, at the same time, the knitting lines have a mutual connection, creating a stronger strength compared to the knitting elastic.

Woven Elastic
Toan Thinh woven elastic has good durability and elasticity

This elastic is the most durable and unrolled spandex of the woven elastic, it is often identified by the interweaving of warp and weft threads at right angles.

In terms of form, woven elastic has higher thickness, shrinkage and longer durability than knitting elastic.

The application of flat elastic in the garment industry

The unique structure of woven elastic makes them a material with ideal elasticity and does not shrink when stretched. Therefore, this material is very suitable for use in daily life. In the current elastic production, when prioritizing materials with good elasticity, woven elastic is still the optimal choice. With auxiliary components such as polyester and cotton, the durability of the material is further improved.

With the diversity of texture and material, this woven material has countless applications in many fields from medical, garment, engineering to daily life such as pants elastic, decorated backpacks, sew collars, cuffs and glove collars.

In addition, based on good durability and elasticity, this elastic is also “favored” to use for items requiring high strength such as car covers, materials for interior decoration and ropes.

Toan Thinh woven elastic
Toan Thinh – a company that provides quality and prestigious woven elastic

Toan Thinh is pleased to be the supplier of woven elastic with outstanding quality and competitive price, ensuring that it will suit the needs of businesses. You can read more about smocking thread and other products here.

Currently, Toan Thinh is the raw materials supplier for Walmart and Target. Contact us for more information and accurate quotations.