Knitting Elastic Toan Thinh

Types of knitting elastic

Depending on the needs of use, this knitting elastic will have different sizes and colors. Because of its special properties, knitting elastic usually has two colors black and white. It also cannot be dyed according to the fabric color.

two models knitting elastic at Toan Thinh
Two models of black and white knitting elastic are available at Toan Thinh
Currently, Toan Thinh provides 10 types of knitting elastic as follows:

Name of products




Knitting elastic 25mm

25mm (2,5cm)

1 inch (1”)

Polyester fiber + natural rubber

Shorts, skirts

Underpants back

Backpacks, bags

Medical hats


Medical diapers

Knitting elastic 30mm


Knitting elastic 35mm

35mm (3,5cm)

1.3/8 inch (1.3/8”)

Knitting elastic 38mm

38mm (3,8cm)

1.1/2 inch (1.3/8”)

Knitting elastic 40mm

40mm (4,0cm)

Knitting elastic 45mm

45mm (4,5cm)

1.3/4 inch (1.3/4”)

Knitting elastic 50mm

50mm (5,0cm)

2 inch (2”)

Knitting elastic 55mm

55mm (5,5cm)

Knitting elastic 57mm

57mm (5,7cm)

2.1/4 inch (2.14”)

Knitting elastic 60mm

60mm (6,0cm)

2.3/8 inch (2.3/8”)

Many customers have trusted Toan Thinh’s knitting elastic not only because of the quality of product but also the supply schedule, quantity and quality guarantee, helping customers reduce waste. Thereby saving production costs when buying this textile material.

Toan Thinh knitting elastic is a familiar product with the garment and medical markets. With more than 20 years of experience, Toan Thinh is considered the most popular supplier of knitting elastic in Vietnam.

What is knitting elastic?

The knitting elastic is manufactured from Polyester fiber and natural rubber thread (Dakruthread, Sado Thread and rubber imported from Thailand). In terms of form, knitting elastic is relatively similar to flat elastic, but thin, soft and costs lower.

Knitting elastic is thin, soft and smooth
Knitting elastic has large size but still thin, soft and smooth

Knitting elastic sizes usually range from 25mm to 60mm and is one of the products that can be woven in large sizes. This is a feature that not all types of elastic can meet.

Products are available or manufactured according to the requirements and specifications of customers with advanced technology lines to ensure international standards at Toan Thinh.

The application of knitting elastic in the garment industry

Knitting elastic is widely used in the garment industry and in the production of medical protective equipment. The product is used to thread shorts, skirts, panties, backpacks and bags. In addition, knitting elastic has good elasticity and large size, so it can also be used in other areas such as masks, gloves, medical hats and medical diapers.

The applications of knitting elastic
Knitting elastic is widely used in the garment and medical industries

Toan Thinh is gradually affirming our reputation in the Vietnamese and international garment industry. Toan Thinh is also a garment materials supplier for Walmart and Target.

With outstanding quality, reasonable price, fast production schedule and good customer care, Toan Thinh now is the leader in the knitting elastic market. Contact us now to get a detailed quotation.

According to customers’ needs, besides knitting elastic, Toan Thinh also provides many other products such as smocking elastic or woven elastic to make it easy for you to choose.