Toan Thinh Textile Co., Ltd. is a company that provides woven elastic bands. We have many years of experience in the elastic weaving industry with skilled workers, modern equipment, and machinery. Toan Thinh Textile believes that we will provide customers with the best-woven elastic. In particular, “Saigon Elastic” will be the best product that Toan Thinh Textile can commit to when providing to customers.

As one of the pioneers in the field of elastic band weaving since the early 90s, Toan Thinh Textile – a unit specializing in elastic weaving, understands the value of “a quality elastic product“!

With more than 20 years in this industry, we are fortunate to receive the trust of our customers because of the only principle that we have always pursued – “Created by customers“.

With a team of highly skilled technicians and modern machinery, we are committed to providing products that meet all the needs of our customers. All of the products reach international quality and standards to help Vietnamese brands reach the world.

This has been the guideline of Toan Thinh Textile Co., Ltd since the first day of operation. Because we understand that, in order to survive and develop, the benefits of customers and the quality of woven elastic products are the priority.

Not just responsibility, we have passion

All requirements of customers, even the most difficult demand, are completed by our team of experts and technicians with passion and enthusiasm. All to bring satisfaction and trust to the majority of consumers.

Over many years of establishment and development, Toan Thinh Textile Co., Ltd. has always done the mission successfully. We support and become the driving force to help many Vietnamese brands integrate with the world and satisfy fastidious markets such as the US, Japan, and Korea.

The benefit of customers is the guideline of Toan Thinh.

The differences of Toan Thinh

  1. Not be afraid to change.
  2. The strictest requirements of customers are the motivation to improve ourselves.
  3. Always try to expand and develop new products to keep up with the needs of the industry.
  4. Putting customer’s benefits as our “Operation Principle”.

Business sectors

  • Weaving elastic
  • Smocking thread/Knitting elastic

Product and service

Company profile

  • Company name: Toan Thinh Textile Co., Ltd
  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Tax code: 0311780257
  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Main market: Nationwide
  • Number of employees: From 11 to 50 people

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